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Mithun rashi characteristics, Mithun rashi features, Mithun rashi qualities, know about Mithun rashi

Mithun rashi persons have small face, pointing towards chin. They may possess dual nature. They have effective personality, depicting their intelligence, judicious and humane nature. Mithun rashi person’s nature is versatile, imaginative, pleasant, thoughtful and adaptable. This rashi sign covers the last two charans of Mrigshira; complete Ardra and first three charans of Punarvasu nakshatras.

Mithun rashi are usually have thin physique, are tall in height, medium complexion, dark eyes, thin hair. They are generally soft-spoken, with good power of oration. Mithun rashi people are with good command of language. They use phrases frequently while talking. They lean while walking. They have pointed nose and long organs of the body.

Mithun rashi people are always fast at work. They advance their logic in talk, conversations. They love change and possess foresightedness. As a rule, they are short tempered but cool down quite easily. They can consistently work without feeling fatigue, which adversely affects their health. They get help from friends and relatives. Mithun rashi learn quickly the traits of their service or occupation and are usually successful. They usually have big families. They are prone to addictions. They are comedians by nature. Professions of Engineering, architecture or apparel are of their taste. They are religious. They rise quite late in their lives. They are prone to cold and eye diseases. They have poor digestive power.

Mithun rashi often fall in love with someone for the way their mind works or for their conversation. Mithun rashi people always flirt with words. Long phone conversations that cover every topic imaginable are a natural part of the typical courtship, as the telephone enables them to be intimate yet physically distant. Emotionally, Mithun rashi can be somewhat inconstant. After all, hours may have passed since your last communication and, in that time, many conversations, thoughts, decisions, and actions have taken place.

As a mutable air sign, Mithun rashi can be like a wind which blows hot and cold. The nervous system is a weak area for Mithun rashi, and if they exhaust themselves on a daily basis, they will face a tremor in their hands. Asthma and bronchial trouble need to be guarded against, because Mithun rashi have a tendency to develop problems with the chest and lungs. All these areas need extra attention when Mithun rashi are feeling stressed. Making a decision can be difficult for Mithun rashi people but they do not accept it. Mithun rashi need to apply their mind, heart and feelings to decide the best path in a given situation.

Mesh Rashi Characteristics, Indian zodiac sign Mesh Rashi, Moon sign Mesh Rashi, Mesh Rashi personalities

Mesh is ruled by the planet Mars, which radiates the color RED. Being a mesh sign, they are motivated by goals and challenges, but because they are also a cardinal type, they tend to lose interest or run out of energy before the goal is reached or the project is completed. In general terms, the fire signs are not the most diplomatic types in the zodiac, preferring to be honest rather than tactful. Mesh rashi people are best suited to situations where energy and enthusiasm are required, as they have these qualities in abundance.

The persons of mesh rashi as a rule are solitary by nature; they have smiling faces and are less spoken. They are brisk walkers. Mesh rashi people have thin teeth in the lower jaw; upper jaw may sometimes have long teeth protruding out of the mouth. Anger reflects from their faces. They have ample travels and frequent transfers from place to place in life. Service or business they acquire has touring feature. Usually they may have bleeding teeth. They possess limited intelligence. They prefer to work under directions and guidance from others. Their eyes acquire red or pale color. They have scars on forehead or face. They are temperamental in nature and are prone to fevers and blood diseases.

Mesh rashi people have some skin diseases or are prone to them. They have large eyes and rough hair. They are usually short tempered and impatient in nature. They are ambitious, courageous and vigilant for self-respect. They shape their own destiny by dint of struggle and hard work. They are straight forward, generous and lovers of freedom. They are practical at work and work for welfare in many areas of the social fabric.

Mesh rashi have weak knees and are allergic to suffocation of closed chambers. Many of them are water phobic. They like to stick to the profession or job they do. They may sometimes be acknowledged as friend offenders in the society in the society because they don't open up with their likes and dislikes. They usually have fewer children. They are gluttonous.

Mesh rashi people thrive on challenge; they enjoy the thrill of the chase, sometimes even more than the relationship itself. Their authoritative natures can cause friction if they ignore the opinions and needs of their partners.

Independence is another mesh rashi trait and they need plenty of room to pursue their own projects and goals. If these goals relate to their careers, they may neglect their partners for long periods as they throw themselves into the task at hand.

Vrishchika rashi characteristics, know about Vrishchika rashi, Vrishchika rashi qualities, Vrishchika rashi personalities

Vrishchika rashi, the eight sign in the Rashichakra, is the deepest and most intense of any of the signs. Serious, fearless, stubborn at times, intense and passionate, Vrishchika rashi people are serious in their mission to learn about others: they will concentrate on the essential questions, gleaning the secrets that lie within, traveling in a world of black and white with little use for grey. They have an insatiable curiosity, which rouses their investigative spirits. These people love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things. In this their keen sense of intuition certainly helps. They will promote their agenda and ensure that things go forward. This is often overbearing for others (it can be) and even self-destructive. Undaunted, Vrishchika rashi people charge ahead, determined to succeed

Even though the Vrishchika rashi people will work very hard, if probed, their complex and secretive nature makes them suspicious and they will clam up and withdraw further. But at the same time they are also surprisingly resourceful. Vrishchika is ruled by the planets Mangal (Mars) and Pluto - the God of war and the God of the underworld, respectively.

Vrishchika rashi people has immense intuition gives them an insight into others' lives. They are very passionate and intense in everything they do which often inspires fear or awe in others. They possess the overwhelming ability to strip away all veneer to get to the core of any issue. They can be very loyal friends, at the same time; they also have the making of fantastic enemies. The desire to avenge or take revenge or get even runs deep in them - and the hypnotic stare and vital force overwhelms those around them.

Vrishchika rashi people are intense, dominating, ruthless, energetic, passionate and committed, lead the battle of life with their keen intellect and admirable qualities of patience and creativity. They are definitely not gregarious, social, kind and always ready to please types. However, they are genuine and often above petty gains though not necessarily above conspiracy and manipulation. If such a need arises, they will devote considerable time and energy to develop strategies and plot revenge against the enemies. Vrishchika rashi people move with a sense of purpose and possess an inner strength and a great capacity to endure hardships. But their innate masochism enables them to destroy even something that they have nurtured with great care and love. Though they can easily change course if it suits them better, their dynamic, fascinating and often mysterious face draws many towards them.

Vrishchika rashi people are ideal for the sciences and do extremely well as physicians and surgeons. They also do well as Architecture and mechanics. They make excellent commanders and some excel in fine arts, literature, and journalism. Fame, fortune and success come easily to them. In business too they are able to plan their investments strategies shrewdly towards making big money often losing patience and making it on the sly than honorable means.

Vrishchika rashi people are perhaps the most mysterious and difficult to understand and often have a love-hate relationship with food. Their planetary combination makes them motivated, penetrating and aware, not missing much, intuitive, probing and much focused on knowing who's who and what's what. Vrishchika rashi people need lots of space to move and can lose their temper (and even become vengeful) if someone gets in their way. They make good of given opportunities and convert today's loss into tomorrow's victory. But once the tempest within the Vrishchika rashi people dies down, they regain their determination and loyal posture. They also make subtle manipulation to get what they want, but are powerful and passionate as well, qualities, which serve them well so long these don't deteriorate into self-indulgence or compulsions. They love competition in both work and play drawing great strength from their determination, passion and motivation